About us

Agami Ceramics was founded in 2016 in Moscow. Over just a few years, it has grown from a tiny workshop into a full-cycle production. Now we are working in two directions: professional restaurant crockery and home ceramics.

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Agami Ceramics uses handcrafted production that combines modern and traditional techniques. We support the principles of sustainable development and fair trade. Our pieces each have their own history, especially because each one was made by our skillful craftspeople — who we value and whose work we are extremely proud of. Since we recycle most of our materials and give them a new life, our production process is virtually waste free.

We use durable, high-temperature materials. Agami's tableware has passed laboratory quality tests. We develop our glazes ourselves, which means you will never come across our color combinations on the mass market.

Phone number
About us
Representative and stock
Amsterdam, Netherlands

We don’t have a proper office or a shop in Amsterdam yet, but we’re working on it!

You can contact us via phone or email above.

About us
Headquarters and production
21 Elektrozavodskaya St., Moscow, Russia

Our office and production are located in Moscow, Russia, in a historical building of Elektrozavod.

If you’d like to chat with Moscow team, please contact us via:
Email: hello@agami.moscow