A collection for your blueberry nights, evenings, or any other time of day. This collection is made with two types of glaze – black satin, which is extremely pleasant to the touch, and a glossy glaze, which spreads in a different way every time, making every piece unique.

Collection products
Set of 4 Blueberry Plates Coming soon

Set of 4 Blueberry Plates
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Small Blueberry bowl Coming soon

Small Blueberry bowl
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Blueberry plate, 26 cm Coming soon

Blueberry plate, 26 cm
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Blueberry plate, 20 cm Coming soon

Blueberry plate, 20 cm
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Blueberry teapot Coming soon

Blueberry teapot
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Blueberry mug Coming soon

Blueberry mug
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Good to know
All Agami Ceramics products are made by hand so may differ slightly from the image shown.
Microwave safe and dishwasher safe on a delicate cycle.

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