Umbra by Lilia Luganskaia

The Umbra collection was sparked by Lilia Luganskaia’s Eclipse series, which draws inspiration from the deceptive qualities of mirrors that hold a significant place in her artistic practice. While a mirror’s reflection may appear faithful, it invariably distorts reality. In Luganskaia’s layered photographs, the mirror serves as a symbol for the manifold interpretations of familiar objects and concepts. The black mirror provides the light similar to that visible during an eclipse.

Inspired by Lilia’s captivating mirror sculptures, vases Umbra and Penumbra were created. The collection was handcrafted from chamotte in collaboration with Agami Ceramics.

Artist’s bio

Amsterdam-based artist and author, Lilia Luganskaia, delves into the narratives of modern life, and its connections with nature. Her works encompass modernist-inspired sculptures, photographic compositions, and video works. Notably, her works were acquired by the Rijksmuseum collection, Foam Museum among others.

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Penumbra vase

Penumbra vase
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Umbra vase

Umbra vase
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